WOD 12-28-2010 – CrossFit Silverback


WOD 12-28-2010

Warm Up:

KB 8
KB Swing (one hand)
KB Halo
KB Snatch
30 seconds each direction or each hand 
WOD: “Filthy Dirty Thirty”
5x (30sec Work/30sec “Rest”) Mountain Climber
“Rest” is in Plank position

5x (30sec Work/30sec “Rest”) Wall Ball
“Rest” is with Ball in Overhead position

5x (30sec Work/30sec “Rest”) Squat
“Rest” is in low squat position

5x (30sec Work/30sec Rest) Burpee

Recover and Stretch 5 – 10 min

Strength:  Deadlift 8×2 75% 1RM

Mountain Climbers; they sucked in sixth-grade and they haven't changed a bit.

Drew and Jonathan get some much deserved "rest".

3 Responses

  1. drew

    Fun class at 5AM! Did I reallly just write that?

    Liked the new warm up…ABDAB!

    Don’t remember all my numbers but the electric chair is a squat killer! Went from 36 the first round to 15 the second. My hatred of the Mt. Climber is confirmed. I have never climbed a mountain however, I have watched many people climb mountains and have never seen them do that. I propose a name change. Perhaps “hopelessly painful stairway to nowhere” climbers? Or “I would rather stick a needle in my eye than do these” climbers? Will take other suggestions.

    Call me crazy but i like the heavy lifting after the WOD…

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