12-31-2010 – CrossFit Silverback



Warm Up:
10 x KB Swing “spike”
10 x KB Good Morning (held behind neck)
10 x KB Snatch (5 each hand)
4 x Rounds
5x Deadlift
10 x DB Push Press 
Row x (150m)
Every two min for 10 min

Rest / Transition 2 min

5 x Goblet Squat 
10 x Box Jump 
10 x Burpee
Every two min for 10 min

Even on a holiday, The early class brings the intensity.

The race is on.

Funny how after a WOD you appreciate the little things, like breathing.

8:30 brought the intesity as well.


At one point Tanya said her deadlift was too heavy, then proved herself wrong. Very Silverback.

5 rounds down; 5 to go.

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  1. Dick D

    What were the weights used? Hope I can get this one in on Sunday. New Years day is a planned run in south texas. Not sure they are ready for my short shorts and running singlet.

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