WELCOME 2011 – CrossFit Silverback



OPEN GYM 10:00 to 1:00

We had a great time this morning.  everyone that was able to make it out of bed at a reasonable hour anyway.  Bear, Jim and Drew dove into a CF total as well as Corri and Lynn.  We got to see Tim and Linda working out after Christmas flu.  Brad and Garret were all over the place between muscle ups (Garrett got his first) and hand stands.  Val and Gary took on the mainsite WOD “Jack”.   Val then proceeded to impress with her one handed handstands.  Cassie and Zach helped lead a Kipping and Butterfly pull up clinic that everyone got something out of especially Li.ndsay got her first set kipping WAY TO GO.  Thanks for making this such a great first day of the new year and our first open gym.  We will be doing this again about once a month..  So if you missed this “Open Gym” come out for our next one and catch up on your CrossFit extra credit and catch up with the rest of your friends. 

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  1. Valerie

    Today was ALOT of fun!! Way to go Lindsey on your kipping, and Garrett on your M/U.. and a thanks to Zach for giving us pointers on the butterfly..

  2. Really liked the format! Really like the “pointers” from Garret and Matt re: my punters walk.
    CFT is 975. Thanks everyone for the support
    Hamstrings were very tight, could have probably got a bit more our of the DL if they were a bit more rested. Also missed doing a Met-Con this AM. Bummed about missing the muscle-up and Butterfly clinic.

  3. corri

    What a great way to bring in the new year. Lynn thanks for doing the CFT with me you did great. Thanks for the pointers Zach on the kips. Brad thanks for the encouragement on the DL
    CFT 445
    BS – 165
    SP – 65
    DL – 215

    Happy New Year everyone

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