01-05-2011 – CrossFit Silverback



Row x 500 and Joint Mobility

“Nobody’s Favorite”

For Time:


 3 Rounds of Lunges 15m, Bear Crawl 15m, Flying Burpees 15m

Step Up Ladder (1-7) with KB in rack position

3 Rounds of Lunges 15m, Bear Crawl 15m, Flying Burpees 15m

Strength: Push Press 5×5 @ 80% 1RM

6 Responses

  1. brad

    “Nobody’s favorite”….understatement
    20:05 with Jeremy (30 lb KBs, 24” box)
    PP@155, killer

    Good to see new faces – Andy, Carlos and ? who I didn’t introduce myself to

    Where in the world (literally) is Dick D? Haven’t seen you in ages

    1. Dick D

      I’m tryin brother I really am. Work is wearing me out. Between that and visiting family over the holiday season…Let’s just say that there is a bad ratio between the number of beers that I’ve consumed and the number of workouts I’ve done. Take right now for instance…. you are asleep and I just got to my hotel, I’m drinking a beer and eating a Freebird’s burrito that I brought from the Houston. I will go to sleep in about 30 minutes (0330 hrs your time) and will wake up in about 4 hours. I’ll then go for a run and do some kind of bodyweight wod because the gym here is not happening. etc etc etc ok “pity party” is over with. My trip to Big Bend is next weekend and that will be a major gut check. Hopefully after that my life will return to a crossfit “normal”.

      Whew! I haven’t typed that much since college. Like the new format for the workouts. See y’all next week…. I hope.

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