01-11-2011 – CrossFit Silverback



KTD: Medball  Catch

Warm Up: KB Complex


10x Goblet Squat (Heavy) + 20x Box Jump @ 18″

Three Rounds

Rest 3 minutes

15x KB Swing + 20 calories on Rower

Three Rounds

Rest 3 minutes

10x Deadlift @ m135# f95#  + 10x Burpee

Three Rounds

A little game of catch to warm up.

Ooooooo that looks like it hurts.

The Girl-rillas attack the WOD after one of the funniest Med Ball sessions of all time.

Just a few months ago Connie couldn't hit this kind of depth with an air-squat. WAY TO GO SILVERBACK keep it up.

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  1. Always less posting with multiple times to remember. I don’t remember all of mine.
    Goblet Squat/Box Jump @80lb 3:Something?
    Row/KBS @55lb 4:41
    DL/Burpees 2:33

    Goblet Squat got heavy! Would not have done the 80 on the last round but I knew that would give Jonathan an out so I did it, Liked this WOD, the Warm Up and KTD. We need to do that Med Ball thing more often so we become used to it.

  2. brad

    Avid followers of the mainsite, the Crossfit journal, message board, etc probably already know this, but qualifying for the Games this year will be done via video or at an affiliate. It will be a six week process, early March through mid-April (one wod per week). So, I hope to see Zach, Val, Garrett, others giving it a shot.

    AND…the other cool thing (Jim Stewart, pay attention here) is that they’ve now created four master’s divisions: 45 – 50, 50 – 55, 55 – 60 and 60+. Never mind that they overlap (CFHQ, for all their intellectual posturing, sometimes doesn’t appear all that bright. Presumably they mean 45 – 49, 50 – 55…). So, while I thought I had two years to get ready, in theory I could give it a go in a few months when qualifying begins.

  3. Zach

    Liked this WOD a lot!!
    Goblet Squat (80#)/ Box Jump: 2:37
    KBS/ Row: 5:01
    Deadlift/ Burpee: 2:37

    Great Job to everyone at the 4:30 class. Tons of effort from everyone new and old!!

  4. brad

    good wod; a real lung burner in the cold winter air

    DL/B 2:41
    GS@80/BJ 4:4? lame…
    KBS/R 5:24?

    a little post wod fun with muscles ups – 3 consecutive. Props to Garrett for 4 and not breaking his wrist, shoulder and/or face with the last two attempts

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