01-12-2011 – CrossFit Silverback



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Strength: Push Press 5×5 @ 80%

WOD “Jane” as in plain

you don’t have to be fancy you just have to be good.

For time:

Cleans 10,9,8,7….1

Push Ups 1,2,3,4….10

Cash Out: Pull Ups Team Ladder ( 1-6) x 2

Prosecution's Exhibit "A"

Steve made a close and complete inspection of the floor.

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  1. Casey

    Coming back to 5AM brought back some old memories……..freezing weather, Drew’s smart remarks, lots of teasing, Steve ripping off his pants………and some new experiences………Karen (welcome)…..Mark (yeah Judi!!)………..seeing Jim – IN TIGHTS!!! Seriously, you would have to see it to believe it but I saw it…..they were blue….capri’s…..unbelievable.

    1. Buckeye76

      NOT TIGHTS, warm gear running PANTS. What the heck (hell) is a capri? Welcome the new guy, Mark. Drew, thanks for the defense and smart move going down to 115lbs.

      PP aat 125 lbs WOD 9:06 at 95 lbs.

      Tights, please nothing matched!

  2. First of all I have to protect Jim his pants are not Capris and they did not match therefore making it OK to wear them.

    Karen and Mark great job!

    I missed Caseys tiime in her post but I will look again…

    PP @165
    WOD: 9:06 @ 115lb (glad I did not do 135!)

  3. Casey

    capri’s –noun
    pants with a tapered leg that end above the ankle (defined by webster’s)

    They are capri’s, like it or not. I agree they didn’t match and that goes a long way when a guy is wearing tights. I’m just saying it was a surprise…..that’s all.

    9:25 with 75lb – DREW!! I was able to hang with you on the cleans but you blew past me on the push ups. I’m still not over the push ups from last Friday.

  4. brad

    9:57 @ 95 on the wod, considerably slower than last time. but I don’t think I did full cleans the last time i met Jane

    Jim, dude, I’ll give you tights instead of capris. But no way those things qualified as pants. Unless you think Baryshnikov wore pants to the ballet. Oh never mind.

  5. Casey

    I was not going to post again but that picture is so deceiving! When Jim was strutting around the gym in his tights they came to mid-calf. I guess they stretched out during all the squatting…….I want another photo.

  6. ryan

    As an expert on the subject of men’s tights, those were definitely vintage metallic steel blue capri tights. I guess Jim lost the other part of the outfit sometime in the mid to late 90’s.

    Great to have Casey back with the 5 am crew. We’ll see you again next month:)

    PP @ 135#
    WOD: 11:12 @ 95#

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