01-14-2011 – CrossFit Silverback



KTD: Row and Hip Activation and Mobility

Buy In: Box Jump Gauntlet

Strength: Deadlift or Push Press 5×5 @ 75%

WOD: “Jonescrawl” like an old friend coming by for a visit

For time:  Deadlift x (10,9,8,7,…..1) Box Jump x (1,2,3,4,…..)

Cash Out: Pull Ups 3 sets x 8

Leslie flying while Steve "contemplates" another rep. (Don't worry he didn't lift from that position).

Joy was home for a visit and got to deadlift for the first time ever. Great job, have a safe trip back.

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  1. Casey

    6:19 w/ 115lb
    Leslie, Thanks for sticking with me today. I find this combination brutal.

    Drew, Isn’t there something you wanted to say today??

  2. Oh Yeah…
    “Casey is right.” also could be phrased “You are right Casey” (Please add sarcasm as you see fit. This is in regards to Jims tights

    Don’t remember my time (Slow) but I deadlfted 22,900lbs this AM.
    365 x 25 Strength
    255 x 55 WOD

  3. ryan

    Chicago lame hotel fitness center WOD:
    25 manmakers @20# db
    50 goblet squat @45#db
    75 db swings @45#db
    100 situps

    No time due to no watch and no clock but trust me it was slow. See ya monday.

  4. 6:47 @ 255 , Thanks to the 4:30 class for letting me play along, it was great fun. Great efforts from all at 5:30, the Girl-rillas at 8:30 had a fantastic week including their newest member Jana. You guys are what keep the Silverback Nation strong.

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