SATURDAY – CrossFit Silverback



Great time as we had a “Fran off”

21, 15, 9 ย of Thrusters and Pull ups (like you didn’t already know).

Trey took an early lead in Men's first heat.

Jim cut a minute off of his previous time and paid the price.

Women's heat 1.

The Girl-rilla's brought the heat on Fran.

Amy crushed her previous time while winning the heat.

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  1. This was a fun morning. Really enjoyed the “heat” aspect where we were able to cheer each other on. Great job everyone some amazing effort was put out by all this morning.

    Had a 1:15 PR this morning moving from 6:07 in September to 4:52 today.

  2. Jonathan Ellisor

    Good morning at the box. Props to Garrett for absolutely smashing this WOD. I hit my goal of sub 5 minutes at 4:49. PR by somewhere around 25-30 seconds.

  3. Lynn Stewart

    Fun time this morning, great job to everyone!
    8/27 “Fran” 9:31
    1/15 “Fran” 5:31
    Sometimes you can even surprise yourself! Thanks for all the encouragement.

  4. Jim Stewart

    Excellent day at Silverback. Really enjoyed the 4 waves so each wave performed in front of the others. Garrett, awesome job in posting a great sub 4 minute WOD. Kudos to David and Lynn; David for cutting his Fran time in HALF and Lynn cutting 4:00 minutes of her time.

    I cut my time by 1:03 from August and used 95 lbs.

  5. Jessica Ayala

    Great morning even though I had to do 60 burpees…note to self…keep driving if your going to be that late. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Did Fran 2 weeks ago at the station…
    45lbs and purple band…7:00

    65lbs and purple band..7:32

    Went heavier this time so now I just have to bring my time down. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Trey

    This was the first time I met Fran doing the full 21-15-9 and holy shit… I accomplished it in 6:14 @ 75, I’m actually kind of glad ill be in boot camp the next time we do this one!

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