01-19-2011 – CrossFit Silverback



KTD: Run and Skip

Buy In: 30/30 x 2 of Burpees and Planks and  Flutter Kicks and 6 inch Hold

Strength: Push Press  5×5 at 85%



Pull Ups x 100

Push Ups x 100

Sit Ups x 100

Squats x 100

Let's be honest; Angie chews 'em up and spits 'em out. (Despite the all fours and fetal positions Jim and Steve still PR'd)

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  1. Dick D

    If I manage to get in there tonight this all looks fine and dandy except for the squats. Matt I could use a little help here on the whole “it’s been three days since my big run. What should I do?” thing here. It will be good to get back to the Nation.

  2. Lynn Stewart

    These numbers looked HUGE on the board this morning, prayed for Matt to scale me but knew he wouldn’t and glad he didn’t. Broke up into sets of 25, time 20:56.

  3. Jessica Ayala

    Was thinking awesome group work-out… :/
    Did reps of 50 in 2 group sections…time: 22:??
    Might change it up to 25 each next time..

  4. Zach

    Nice to give Angie a shot over a year after my first attempt three months into Crossfit… Done as Rx’d and went from 22:09 down to 19:40. Need work on push ups i found out.

  5. Jonathan

    Angie was the first CF workout I ever did, and it took forever. I last did it in Jan 2010 at 27:40 RX’d. Knocked off 8 minutes on Wed, clocking in at 19:36 RX’d. Working out Silverback style has made a huge difference! Thanks, Matt. Like Zach, pushups need a lot of work.

  6. brad

    23:03 as rx’d in a hotel. 5+ min PR. Pullups way too slow to record a decent time. Off to a local crossfit box tomorrow for some group therapy

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