SATURDAY – CrossFit Silverback



KTD: Ultimate Stretch

Warm Up: Med Ball Circle

WOD: Team “GEE”*

Box Jumps x 10, KB Swing x 10, Pull Ups x 10, Wall Ball x 10,  OHS x 10, KTE x 10

*subbed wall ball for Thrusters, and KTE for TTB

Starting off with a bit of fun, make sure you pay attention when someone says your name.

Garrett tearing through 10 OHS at 95lbs.

In the mold of David vs Goliath it's Betsy vs The Wall.

No matter how bad it hurts, finishing first always feels good.

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  1. brad

    Sunday at Crossfit Asphodel in HK

    strength – 5×5 weighted pullups at 10kg
    wod – 10 rds, 3 thrusters @ 60kg, sprint 30m, 6:33
    cool down – 3 rds, :30 each, plank, l-sit, reverse plank, rest

    Cool, new box (one month old) run by two nice young guys. Limited crowd (me).

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