01-25-2011 – CrossFit Silverback




Cauldron (10 each direction)
One-arm Cauldron (10 each direction)
10x Russian Twist (two-count)



Pull-up + Push-up + Box Jump @ 24” box
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of each

Val stirs the pot.

Tanya and Judi getting strong. I'm sure Zumba works just as well....right?

Have you pushed yourself this hard recently.

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  1. Ryan


    Glad my friend Ronnie from CF Dallas Central was able to join us this morning.

    I have no frame of reference for basic training but if Trey isn’t in the best shape going into it I don’t know who is. 5:30 I think. Super fast!

  2. Zach


    Thank you for throwing out the challenge to beat Trey, showed up in the later classes with some impressive times.

    Liked the new moves with the barbell and as for the WOD i think it was somewhere in time realm of 4:31. Great Job to Garrett, Ethan, and Mac as well.

    1. It made me tired and all did was hold the watch. At 4:30 Dick had the only other sub 7 up to that point, at 5:30 we had Garrett beat Trey by 40 seconds in the low 5’s then at 6:30 Zach crushes the 5 minute barrier with Mac (yes the Mac attack is back) and Ethan hot on his heels. Don’t forget Cassie and Casey as Rx within 30 seconds of each other. Me…..I did not do as well (darn bodyweight movements).

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