01-27-2011 – CrossFit Silverback



CASH IN: Row 100m every minute on the minute for 10:00


10x Clean Hi-Pull @ 70% 1RM +
2:00 minute Row @ >450m Pace +
2:00 Rest
Three Rounds
5 minute intermission (including 3rd-2min Rest period above)

10x Heavy Goblet Squat +
Run x 400m
2:00 minute Rest
Three Rounds
5 minute intermission (including 3rd-2min Rest period above)

3×10 (on each arm) KB Snatch
Rest 30sec between each set

The day starts of with a little run with the rising sun.

The longest two minutes of the day.

The shortest two minutes of the day.

Matt V. recently arrived from CrossFit Alaska has taken up residence here with a vengeance, WELCOME TO THE SILVERBACK NATION.

The day ended much like it started.

9 Responses

  1. jonathan

    Was cold running at 5am this morning! Goblet squat 80# and all rounds in 1:40s. Hogh pull 115# and 500+ meters all rounds. 35# KB snatch.

  2. Casey

    I think this should be called “The Never-Ending WOD”!!

    Always feels good to be back at 5AM!

    8:30 Girl-rillas killed this WOD. Tracey had a sub 2min. run on her 3rd round!!!

    Ryan, We liked your cd. Can you make another for the Girl-rillas with less explicit lyrics?? Pretty please!!

  3. Ryan

    Casey, I will see if I can download the clean version of all the songs and make another CD. Anything to get in good with the Girl-rillas:)

  4. jonathan

    Where are you. Dick or is that an “I could tell you but I’d have to kill you” piece of info? And what movie is that line from???

  5. gary

    Just came up for air from work and see a window of light to come work out at the box today at 4:30. Looked at the WOD. Think I’ll go back to work.

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