01-28-2011 – CrossFit Silverback



KTD: Ultimate Stretch

CASH IN: 3 Rounds of  Push Up x 5 + Squat x 10 + Star Jumper x 5

STRENGTH: Push Press 5×5 @ 80% (alt. Deadlift if missed this week)


10x HSPU +
15x Front Squat @ 95# +
20x Pull-up +
15x Push Press @ 95#
30x Burpee
15x Hi-Pull  @ 95#
40x Atomic Sit-up
15x Back Squat  @ 95#
50x Box Jump

8 Responses

  1. Casey

    Great group at 5AM.
    10:46 65lb, no HSPU

    Brad, It’s a clean without the catch. So your feet and hands are in the clean position but you just do the high pull of the clean.

  2. Christina

    It really shows when you haven’t been coming consistently…
    only did 45lbs, started on 20″ then 16″ ended on 12″ Oh the shame of it all! I guess it was better than sitting on the couch eating chips! 🙂

    It was good to be there with all the girlillas – I missed you!

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