01-31-2011 – CrossFit Silverback



KTD/BUY IN: Team Row x 2000m

STRENGTH: Squat 5 sets x 3 @ 90%1RM

WOD: “Kettle Bell Complete” This one leaves no part of you unaffected

3 Rounds for time:

10x One-Arm Swing (each arm)
10x RTW (both ways)
10x Figure 8 (front-to-back)
10x Figure 8 (back-to-front)
10x Goblet Squat
10x Push Squat

Finish w/ 30/30 Push Press

CASH OUT: 10-1 Burpee Ladder

It's not the camera; it really was this rough.

5 am was packed and cranking; outstanding energy and effort today Silverbacks

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  1. Dick D

    Interesting. Very Interesting. Are there no posts because everyone’s hands are smoked from the kettlebell fest?

    Squat: 225,225,225,225, 235

    WOD: ??? 8:4? with 35#

    Cash out: 24 left arm and 30 right arm.

  2. brad

    squats at 235. I didn’t quite go at 90% because I didn’t trust myself. I should have trusted Matt.

    wod 7:58 I think, using 35#

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