04.04.2011 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch

BUY IN: Row 2k x 250 with (Tag Team)

STRENGTH: Clean 5 x 5 @ 80% 1RM


Main-site hits another home run

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
5 Back squats

CASH OUT: Flutter Kick – Plank Hold 30/30 x 4

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  1. Dick D

    SWOD: 95-145-145-145-145 (that was every ounce of “80%” 1RM)

    WOD: 12:01 @175

    Good day. Great partners.

    Todd and Ian probably won’t be be lifting heavy with the chicken leg crew much longer. Those two fellas are bull strong! Great to have you guys in the nation.

  2. brad

    The Games’ website is highly unreliable, but it looks like Saturday’s performance for Val and Garrett improved their standings quite a bit. Couldn’t find the other CFSB competitors. I’m still hanging in the top third in the older dudes division (if one can trust the data), despite a mediocre performance on 11.2

  3. Matt Vaughan

    Running WODS are where I excel. If only they’d do a running WOD in the Games Open. One can dream.

    9:28 w/ 170lbs

  4. brad

    It has taken a few years, but I think I’m finally making progress on the cleans Getting better extension on the second pull, and sorta executing a third pull. 5×5 @ 160 with Bear and Mike.

    wod 13:23 @ 195 (Matt – your time is crazy fast. Wow)

  5. Russell Wells


    I managed a 12:51 @ 145 (Matt is just a beast). I do like the running WODS. I probably could have picked up my running pace a bit because I still had some gas left in the tank after my last 400. We will see how I do next time with a little weight increase and a little faster pace.

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