04.05.2011 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. Dick D

    SWOD: Seal Complex w vest (Took vest off during close and cliff hangers grips due to fatigue)

    WOD: 95# and competition style pushups in 7:04

    Val, Jonathan get my vote for Silverback of the day. These folks used the heavy stuff.

  2. Matt Vaughan

    Crossfit Open Workout #3:

    AMRAP in 5 minutes:
    Squat Clean (165/110)

    Looks like they’re trying to separate the best from the rest. I just want to do it prescribed.

    Today’s WOD – 6:50 w/ 95lbs

    1. brad

      One for the powerful, strong, and young. 165 was my max overhead not too long ago. I’ll call this “Val’s Revenge, Part II”.

      wod 7:13 @ 100

      (Dick – Garrett and I tried to keep pace on the NSPC using my Fisher-Price starter vest of 20#; had to jettison halfway through the chin ups. You are a pullup machine)

      1. laura

        No problem Cathy! You made lots of NEW progress today! Feels amazing doesn’t it?! GREAT job! seeeee Crossfit works 😉

  3. ryan

    the heat is on in the box, and by “heat” I mean houston humidity. i started sweating as soon as I pulled into the parking lot and it was like 50 degrees.

  4. Marianne

    I could not figure out why the cleans got really hard after the first 15 reps until I was drving home and realized I did 75# instead of 65#. After that I stopped beating myself up. WOD in 7:05

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