04.07.2011 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: Down and Back (Lunge & Flying Burpee Only)

BUY IN: See Above


30 sec Snatch 53# KB +
2:00 minute Row (cal)
2:00 minute Rest
Three Rounds

5 minute

30 sec  Swing 53# KB+
2:00 minute Jump Rope
2:00 minute Rest
Three Rounds

5 minute

300 sec OH Hold

2 Responses

  1. brad

    Hey Matt – it appears that my wods still need validation. You validated the first week of the first wod, but not the second. 11.2 needs validation, too. The website has been acting much better recently, so hopefully the validation process is easy now.

  2. jonathan

    Mine are not validated either. You laying down on the job, coach? :). Games WOD 3 got 10.5 rounds. Overhead is my weakest movement and the shoulders just couldn’t make that last jerk even though I had a minute to do it. Good luck to everyone tomorrow.

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