SATURDAY WOD#3 – CrossFit Silverback




WOD number 3 for the CrossFit Games Open and the Silverbacks, old and new, brought their A-Game.

AMRAP 5:00 min

Squat Clean + Jerk

A few of the Athletes were surprised by the Rx weight, no problem when you train SILVERBACK STRONG

Is that the future I see?

Unfortunately the picture doesn't have sound to hear Casey just out of frame losing her mind with encouragement.

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  1. valerie

    AWESOME DAY!!!!!! I absolutely loved watching and cheering (sometimes screaming) my fellow silverbacks on… everyone rocked this WOD!!! ~~and a BIG thank you to Casey and Graig for screaming at me to get those 2 last rounds, if it wasn’t for y’all I wouldn’t have reached my goal~~

  2. brad

    After this morning’s warm up at the box (12.5 rds, rx’d), I came home to find wifey had come up with a devilish wod:

    for time
    Weed and turn flower beds
    Remove dead things
    Plant living things
    Re-arrange existing things
    5 hrs 30 min (she informed me that wasn’t a PR)

    Cash out
    AMRAP, unlimited time
    Jump in pool
    Sip St. Arnold’s Amber Ale (aka, elixir of the gods)
    (I devised this one myself; wifey had no input)

    Seriously, though, today was great. Competition Saturday, baby! (use your Dick Vitale voice). In addition to the usual hosses, worth pointing out the performances of Ian, Todd, Mike, Audra and DJ. Forces to be reckoned with

    1. Russell W.

      Funny Brad:

      I did a second similar WOD.

      Mine was:

      Clear out all of the dead grass that was in our front yard, scarify the soil, and put down 44 pieces of sod.

      Followed by:

      Spreading 15 bags of lawn soil over the front yard.

      (4hrs 20min)

      However, no pool was involved, neither was any elixir of the Gods. (Too tired to go get some).

  3. valerie

    I just signed up for the Houston CF Women’s Challenge.. Standard (cuz the scaled division was full!!!!!) ummmm, did I drop that weight on my head this morning???

  4. Jessica Ayala

    Great job this morning everybody. I am going to work on my technique because I will get this 110lbs!! I just over think it and I hate it. Great job Lindsay and Val you did AWESOME! You need to give me your email so I can send you the video and Gregs too…
    I wanted to sign up for the CFH comp, but scaled well since that is sold out I will just go cheer Val on… 🙂

  5. Dick D

    Hats off to everybody today. From young to old, newbies to oldtimers that was fun to watch. I personally ate a big ole piece of humble pie.

    5rds with alot of soul searching mixed in there. Looking forward to the rest of my pie next week on 11.4

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