04.14.2011 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: Med Ball Toss

BUY IN: Kettlebell Complex


30m Farmer Carry +
10 Rack Lunge +
30m Farmer Carry +
9 Rack Lunge +
30m Farmer Carry +
8 Rack Lunge
Follow the above pattern all the way until you hit 1 Rack Lunge (Use DB’s or KB’s)

STRENGTH: Pull Ups 3×8 (Dead Hang)

CASHOUT: Med-Ball sit ups w/partner

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  1. Todd

    Looks like I’m missing out on some good WODs this week. Got pulled last minute for a trip up to Colorado Springs. Dropped in @ Crossfit Pandora’s Box today (Wed). 500m row, 21 burpees, 400m run; 3 rds. 19:17.
    Burpees suck anyway, but in this high altitude I thought my heart was going to explode. Looking forward to getting back to CFSB.

  2. Casey

    Uuughhh! This was not my WOD but it was short and sweet, nice to shake things up a bit. I did come home and mow the lawn, which I would definitely NOT recommend if you care to use your arms the rest of the day.

    Girl-rillas killed this workout! Speaking of the Girl-rillas, since burpees for tardiness worked so well, I would like to institute burpees for talking during the workout. Like I ALWAYS say, if you’re talking you’re not working hard enough 😉

    Good luck to Judi and Rene and their families as they ride the MS150 this weekend!

    1. Donna

      Sorry Lindsey and Ashley, you almost had to do burpees because of me! I hate burpees so much that just the threat from Casey is enough to make me quit talking!

  3. Dick D

    I’m picking Jonathan and Garrett as the racehorses for this weeks WOD. Now seriously I need help with muscle ups tonight. Anybody feel like tutoring me? plan on getting to the 530 WOD and staying through the 630.

  4. jonathan

    More like out to pasture in my case. Can’t be there tonight to help coach, Dick,, but Brad is your man for muscle ups anyway. See u all Sat morningM

  5. brad

    Dick – I will be there at 630 and happy to show you a little trick that the guy from Denver (whose name I can’t remember) showed me last night. And I agree about Jonathan and Garrett. Heck, Jonathan said 120 didn’t bother him. I tested about 20 or 25 last night (broken up and not for speed) and I’m hurting today

  6. laura

    uggg that was horrible on the forearms……..will for sure be feeling this WOD tomorrow. Nice job 430p
    thanks Cassie for making us STROOOOONGER 😉

  7. Cathy Lawdanski

    Shout out to my buddies at 4:30 – Audra, Laura, JP and Jay. 60 M on the WOD instead of 30. You guys rock! Thanks, Cassie! 🙂

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