04.15.2011 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch


11x (20-sec work, 10-sec rest) Thruster @ 53# KB

KB must be held/supported during entire 5:30 of intervals


6x Wall Ball @ 20# ball +
Row 100m
Max rotations in 2 minutes
Five rounds, rest 2 minutes between rounds

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  1. Casey

    I must say there were no problems with the Girl-rillas chatting during the workout……..not sure if it was the threat of burpees or the fact that they couldn’t even breathe during this WOD!

    Jessica was so, so close to 3 rounds……she came within about 18 meters of getting 3 rounds. Way to go Jess!! You inspired us all today!

  2. brad

    Val, Dick, anybody else who’s interested. Go to gymnasticswod.com. The guy breaks down the competition wods, suggests stretching to prepare, and details each movement. There’s also an extensive library of teaching progressions, with several on the muscle up. He’s got an interesting take on the MU progressions, and some unique cues that I had not heard elsewhere. Perhaps his approach can help you. Note that there are both false grip and regular grip versions.

    1. Russell Wells

      Thanks for the link Brad, I like the way the guy talks about maybe closing the width of your hands on the bar during the OHS. I actually tried it here in the office, and it seemed more comfortable for me. My key, is going to be stretching, so no workout for me tonight, I will be a stretching fool at home. 🙂

  3. Dick D

    Thanks Brad. Will look at it in a little while. Just did a little something something at the office. Bench 5×5 and Deadlift 5×5. No heavy stuff just giving the chasis a little dustin’ off.

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