This weeks work out has definitely gotten all the athletes talking.

  “Worry profits a man nothing”.  Herger,  The 13th Warrior

Come on in Saturday between 8:00 and 10:00 and take on the same workout as the fittest athletes on earth.

What? Don’t think your up to the numbers or the movements, no worries we will be scaling this for any non-competing athletes.  Just come on out and give your best effort  (like y’all always do).

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  1. brad

    With you, Dick. I think my strategy (slow, steady burpees to save myself for OHS) didn’t work. As Tim pointed out, going all out and giving maximum amount of time for the OHS might have been a better move. 71 reps.

    I think I was more stoked about the 44″ box jump after. I have a new goal. 4 feet, baby!

    Everyone gave it their all this morning, and that’s the most important thing. Have I mentioned lately that I love competition Saturday?

    I’m out until Wednesday.

  2. jayala387

    Great job everybody…Garrett made it all the way to 1 MU!!! Awesome job!! As for me I did it for time with the other 9am’ers. Great job ladies! My times sucked! 🙁 Those OHS got me. I know where my weakness it now. SQUATS! Need to work on those suckers…

    AHHH I’m very nervous about next Saturday! But I got a great team and I know we will do awesome! Have a great weekend everybody! 😀

  3. Jonathan Ellisor

    Count me in with Brad and Dick in the needs work camp. These games WODs have definitely highlighted my overall upper body weakness, especially in the shoulders on overhead movements. But I’m with Brad–competition Saturday is awesome. Hope we can find a way to keep the format.

  4. brad

    Ok, Silverbacks, looking for some feedback here. I’m a quant — a numbers guy, a geek, nerd, whatever. I love data, analysis and the insights derived from it. [note – if this is not your type of gig, save yourself and stop here].

    My performance yesterday was not up to my standards. I was below 50th percentile for my age bracket for the first time. By far my poorest showing so far. In addition, I have some other data points – my max dips has declined as has max pullups. A recent effort at Lynne ( 5 rds max BWT BP and pullups, not for time, revealed a severe drop in my bench press numbers. I haven’t PR’d a maximal effort for the big lifts – deadlift, back squat, press — in 6+ months or more. Deadlift ability has gone down significantly. It’s not all negative – my metcons are better as is my form on cleans, double unders are now an asset, muscle ups have progressed nicely. But the drop in raw strength has me puzzled, especially given the strength bias of the programming.

    So, what’s the cause? A little history. I had always eaten relatively clean since starting Crossfit. Went paleo last summer and went back to just clean around August. September was my lowest bodyweight month and the last time i was regularly PR’ing (interestingly, I wasn’t PR’ing while on paleo). Bodyweight stayed consistent until about two months ago when I added milk back into the diet (per Rip’s beliefs that milk is essential to getting strong). Also, my diet has got off track and I’ve added 3 or 4 pounds since my low point.

    So, is it…

    1. Diet (obviously I can take some easy steps to improve here)
    2. Inadequate rest (sleep). I think this is definitely an issue but one that’s tough to “fix”
    3. Overtraining. CFSB’s programming has gotten significantly harder, and yet I continue my “bonus” workouts on Sunday. I consistently workout 5 – 6 days a week, trying to eliminate my goats and develop new skills. But I am noticing more pain — elbows, wrists, collarbone. Remember the burpee challenge? Hmmm.
    4. Father Time ultimately wins

    So, working on #1 is easy. Just get more disciplined and stick to it. #4, can’t worry about it. #2, okay, I’ll go to bed earlier (maybe I need to get back to the 0500 class which forces that). My big concern is #3. Am I not making gains because I’m overdoing it? If so, how can I work on improving certain areas if I’m not actually working on them? Specifically, am I overworking bench press, handstand pushups, muscle ups, jump rope and a few other movements that’s causing an overall decline?

    Frustrated. Maybe concerned too much with yesterday. But also concerned about the drop in strength.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts. If interested, post yours.

    1. Dick D

      I think (and it’s just opinion) if you are getting adequate rest between workouts and eating enough calories then the “bonus” workouts shouldn’t diminish your performance too drastically. That being said, there should probably be some type of focus/organization/goal in mind when hitting the workout. Fun can be the goal but there needs to be a goal none the less.

      Definitely not the one to ask about nutrition. I’m on the milk band wagon but I just love milk and not sure if I’m willing to give it up. How much would I gain by leaving it for the kids? Quien sabe! Yo quiero la leche!

      I could use a ton more rest myself. I think consistency is my biggest down fall. My inability to make the WODs is frustrating but I can only be in one place at a time.

    2. Let’s pull the plane up a few thousand feet here. Looking at your concerns, I am not sure I agree with all of the assessment of your non-gains in end-strength, as evidenced by your muscle ups. However, I sense your frustration, any of item’s one through three is enough to slow or stall someone in pursuit of their genetic potential, in combination they can act as a brick wall. I believe item four is not a stand alone item but an influencer of the first three. Also you seemed to have left our your new position at work and the extensive travel therein, I would claim that as reason five. If we address those issues I think there is improvement, as to programming I think your feedback is extremely valuable, and timely as we are midway through our O-lift track and will be entering into a new strength track in before June. Sounds like a great challenge for both of us.

    3. drew

      1-3 For sure
      4. Not so much
      Also, dont discount new job stress and travel schedule.

      Re: Paleo and PR are you speaking about lifts or times?

  5. brad

    Thks for the perspectives. New job, travel, stress also a factor.

    @Drew – paleo and PR re lifts. I haven’t felt as strong ever since dropping the weight. Although I’ve gained some back, probably bad gains

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