04.18.2011 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: 5 min row

BUY IN:  KB “Free Will” (4 min)

STRENGTH: Cleans x 3,3,2,2,1 @ 85%

WOD:   “Regurgitator”
1) Max Pull-ups (record number, not for time)
2) Row 500m + 30x Bar Dips + 30x “Atomic” Sit-ups + 30x DB Thrusters @ two 30# DBs + 30x Push-up + 30x Box Jump @ 24″ box + 30x Get-up @ 25#

Scoring and Rules
Multiply Max Pull-up number by 2, subtract this (in seconds) from total time.
500 meters must be faster than 1:50, if not a 500m penalty is rowed immediately
Faster rowing times are rewarded. For every second faster than 1:40, 30 seconds will be subtracted from total time — if you row a 1:30 you begin the “Dirty Thirty” with five minutes of credit …                 An old Gym Jones favorite

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  1. jonathan

    Last did this shortly after I joined CFSB on Aug 7. I cut about 6 minutes off that time…holy gas tank, batman! 27 pullups and net time of 16:22 with ring dips.

    1. Casey

      Thanks for your patience 5AM!!

      Drew “Professor Crossfit” killed this WOD 15:?? awesome, must be the glasses
      Props to Jonathan for doing ring dips
      Todd H. for a 1:27 500m……..crazy

      Wish I would have tried for more pull ups, I thought I had a strategy, but maybe not. TGU is killer. 18:??

      Laura, 1:50 is for men, you’ll be fine.

      1. drew

        I was asked what my time was and I gave an honest asessment of the effort. I was not embaressed but I am now that there are so many posts re: my row time.

  2. Dick D

    Ring dips and competition style pushups smoked me. Nothing left from there on in. Did 30 step ups instead of box jumps (real mental block here that I need to start addressing). TGUs felt like I was holding a VW bug over my head.

    37 pullups. 1:46 row. 19:09 adjusted.

    I’m going to blame it on too much fun over the weekend. Reality is that there is no excuse. I need to shift my paradigm.

    1. Matt Vaughan

      I checked out Crossfitendurance.com like you had suggested. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to encorporate this into my training on weekends and maybe one day during the week. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Matt Vaughan

    Saying this WOD was brutal would be an understatement. By the time I got to the TGU it became mental for me. The 25lb weight felt like 125 pounds and it affected me more than any WOD that I’ve done in a log time. I feel I should be able to get more Pullups and get faster on the rower too. Like every Crossfitters I’m never satisfied.

    -22 Pullups
    -1:52 on rower
    -22:45 on WOD (before adjustment)
    -10 laps around the building after 5 minutes rest. Over the next few months I’m going to work on running when I’m dead tired. I have a big race in Alaska in July.

  4. Tim M

    12 Pullups – I slipped off the end-bar that doesn’t have tape (can you hear the violins?)
    1:39Row (3sec off a PR – not so ashamed)
    Only used 10# for the DB Thrusters cuz of a torn-up Rotator Cuff (yea, I know – violins again)
    Time=22:57 – 24 – 22 = 22:11

  5. Russell W.

    Well, This was by far the hardest WOD I have done.

    21 Pull-ups
    1:42 Row
    30# KB for 5 thrusters, 25# for remainder.
    This was the first time that I have done the Turkish Get UP, and I did it with a 20#er.

    24:09 before adjustment

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