04.20.2011 “COMPETITION DAY” – CrossFit Silverback


04.20.2011 “COMPETITION DAY”

THAT RIGHT, REEBOK CROSSFIT GAMES OPEN 11.5 IS OUT  AND THE SILVERBACKS ARE ALL OVER IT!  Just show up at your normal class time and hang on.         

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    1. David

      Hey Garrett,
      Did you fill up the teams for the MetroDash? Found out I will be in town afterall and would like to participate if there is still space.

      Congrats on the 9 rounds + yesterday – very inspiring!

  1. valerie

    6rds.. 5cleans.. 3 T2B.. all done rx’d… I did this WOD twice in one day… ask my hubby about the first time I did this WOD…lol..

  2. Zach

    Attention all Silverbacks… Anyone wanting to compete in the Metro Dash either team or individual needs to sign up quickly. The teams are different then last year, 4 silverbacks need to get together and sign up in any combo male and female.
    The race is going to be great and I hope to get a great turn out from everyone at the Box. And it was great to be back yesterday working out and seeing everyone.

  3. Jessica Ayala

    Didn’t do RX weight today…did 75lbs for cleans and 10 lbs for WB. 6 round 5 Cleans & @ T2B. Great job Cathy you did awesome pushing through it.

    Very nervous about Sat…its getting closer and closer…ahhh!!!
    See ya’ll sat morning.. 🙂

  4. Matt Vaughan

    6 rounds 5 Cleans 1 T2B for 186 reps @ 145lbs. Feels good to get stronger. 3 months ago I wouldn’t have been able to do that. All that clean work we’ve been doing is paying off.

  5. laura

    did this RX with 181 total reps. I know most people got a lot more reps than that but I was very happy with this considering I did it RX’d…cleans were heavy…but I did 31 completed 6 full rounds and 1 clean 🙂
    thank you Cassie and Zach for making me push through those cleans 🙂

  6. Dick D

    6 rds + 5 cleans + 10 t2B + 3 WB. Like Brad said…I couldn’t breath after the 10 min mark.

    Gotta get stronger on the cleans.

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