04.26.2011 – CrossFit Silverback

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  1. Casey

    Great effort at 5AM and 8:30! The girl-rillas can row!! Great job Lindsay!

    Drew came to a complete stop during the row and still managed a 7:06, wow!

    Also, check out our very own Mark Norman on the beach of Rio de Janeiro doing Crossfit!


  2. Tracey Barnett

    “Short people got no reason to rowwwwww!!!”

    That’s my opinion of this morning’s WOD! I’m probably the shortest one in the box, so I can get away with saying this and not offending anyone! The Kid’s class doesn’t count! Most of them are taller than me anyway!

    1. Jessica Ayala

      I agree Tracey!!! I think us short peeps should get some time shaved off our times. 🙂
      I rowed 9:07. Ok for a shortie! 😀
      Lindsay did awesome! Represent for the short peeps out there girl!!! She had 8:33. I remember because I wanted to beat it soooooo bad! 😀

  3. Matt Vaughan

    I’d like to add rowing to the list of things I need to get better at.

    8:25 row
    Substituted C2B Pullups for Cliffhangers due to shoulder

  4. Dick D

    I want to be like Drew, DJ, Jonathan…and the list goes on. You fellas wrecked the 2K. I’m inspired.

    2K= 7:33 (a PR by 12 seconds) I’m happy with that but not satisfied. Started way to fast and really struggled in the middle. I had planned on negative splits for each 500 but I ended up doing the exact opposite. Go figure.

    Mike? (first time at the gym) Brother that was a rude welcoming for you. Great job stepping up. I look forward to seeing you back in there.

  5. Dick D

    Russel and Tiffany those are both stellar times.

    For me the 2K row is similar to the scenes of Alfalfa and Spanky taking spoonful of Caster Oil in the old Little Rascals shows. You remember those don’t you Jim? Come to think of it Jim just might have been one of the Little Rascals!

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