SATURDAY OPEN GYM – CrossFit Silverback




We will throw open the doors of the Silverback Nation and do whatever you want.  

We will have two or three WOD’s to choose from.

Do your favorite Warm Up and Buy In at your pace.

Want to spend your time working on a skill like hand stands, kips or muscle up?  AWESOME, just grab an instructor and ask your questions. 

Did you miss an important one rep max or a favorite CrossFit Girl, no problem come on in and lets tackle it.

A little warm-up for a big turn out.

No problem with lots of work and room to do it in, inside.

Three WOD's to choose from Albert chose Strongman Tabata, and whuped up on it, as his little man watches.

Kamee's first kipping pull up working after the WOD.

Val, Garrett and Ryan covered the goofing around.




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  1. Matt Vaughan

    Matt V WOD:
    Power Clean (135)
    Toes to bar
    200m run after each round


    I confused this workout with the 2010 Colorado Crossfit Open WOD, but it’s actually a version of a workout that was done at Front Range Crossfit a few weeks ago. Original workout calls for a 165lb power clean and 150m run. Whatever. It was still super challenging.

  2. momsnotfuling

    Thought I would ease back into crossfit after a little time off. Did what I call a Linda “Annie” as my name is Linda Ann, but instead of double unders did single unders/sit ups 50-40-30-20-10. Time 16:58. Now a” little” sore,but was good to see everyone. See ya’ll next week.

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