09.20.2011 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: Ultimate Stretch

BUY IN:  Bottom to Bottom Squat Ladder 1-10



5 rounds
7x Muscle-ups
21x Burpees



Brad modified the least and paid the most. INSPIRING!

Look out Jarod's first all kipping workout! Way to go Silverback!

Melissa too, all kipping, WINNING!

Modified muscle ups, but still strong medicine.


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  1. Hunter & Maria

    Hi, can you tell us what Bottom to bottom squat ladder is and also muscle ups? We are out of town and trying to see if this is something we can do tomorrow. Thanks

  2. Judi

    GIC, great workout this morning! You doing the squat ladder with us made me determined not to crumble to the ground 🙂 My fear of not being able to get my fork to my mouth after that wod has been alleviated – my omelette was fabulous 🙂 One day I will crush those burpees – just not today!

  3. Did 3 1/2 rounds. Couldn’t finish. This one was beyond my strength and stamina capabilities….BUT – we’ll be back to try again tomorrow! Considering I couldn’t do 5 burpees or 1 pull up 7 months ago – I’m making progress!

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