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So it’s been almost a year since we went on-board with “The Whole 9” and the coaches and I begin haranguing all of you about reading your food labels.  Ginger asked me stop at the store on the way home and I came across a table with Weight Watcher Cakes which looked alot like the “Zingers” I use to get in my lunch box.  So out of curiousness,  I flipped over the box and this is what I found.

Flour didn't even make it into the top 3 ingredients, IN A CAKE!!!!

Ok so maybe you are not that crazy about Sodium Stearoyl  or Propylene Glycol.  Well let’s try the Oatmeal Cookies, I mean oatmeal has got to be better for me than the cake, right?

HOLY CRAP!!!! Rolled Oats don't even make the top 5, IN AN OATMEAL COOKIE!!!!!!!!

If you wonder why you don’t feel like you used to, ask yourself how much and for how long this junk has been going in your food hole.  See you at the next nutrition class.

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  1. Jim Stewart

    Wonder what three bags (snack size) of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies would register? I gave blood yesterday afternoon and YOU MUST eating something / drink something after giving blood. The choice of drink was water. Felt the tiredness doing the bonus WOD this morning.

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