SATURDAY FUN? OH YEA! – CrossFit Silverback



Teams of 3

3 Rounds for time (relay style)

A1: Sled Push each round load on the sled increases 100 – 125 – 150

A2: Farmer Carry x 3  70#/45#

A3: Rest

Here’s what happened!!!

Zach flew in on Friday and was giving some sled tips on Saturday. Welcome home.

This WOD was definitely in Ian's wheel house.

Yup, I think the new sleds are a hit.


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  1. Hate that I missed the inaugural sled workout and a Zach sighting all in the same day. I feel that I have missed one of those forever moments that I’ll never get back…

    Sunday after work fun: 3 mile Run @ 85% effort. Time of 23:04 was faster than I should have done. I blame it on Christopher since he was at the track with me and I was pulled into his speed “vortex”. He was doing a time trial and I was supposed to be taking it kinda easy. My little ego couldn’t handle the youngin’ blowing me away that much so I subconsciously picked up the pace. Probably had nothing to do with the fact that he lapped me before I finished my first mile!

    See ya in the morning, I’m gonna go soak my pride.

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