01.05.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: Run and Skip

BUY IN:  Box Jump Gauntlet w/ Burpees (5/3)


Deadlift 85% for max reps


3 Rounds

           400m Run

            15 box Jumps

            20 KBS

            25 Situps

Cash Out:

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  1. momsnotfuling

    Grooving it with the Girl-rillas today. Donna and Christine good partners for the DL part and getting me to my goal. Went kersplat on box jumps in the 2nd round but no injuries so I was able to finish the WOD in 18:49. Really regretting the long break and pie ’bout now.

  2. Oh man….thank God that was only three rounds. Tried Matt’s hip stretches after the WOD and I think I now know what a fried chicken feels like. Seriously thought my legs were gonna snap!

    SWOD: 10 reps

    WOD: 14:59

  3. Ok, yes I chickened out and used a 55# KB. I knew you were gonna ask.

    SWOD: Did the Rippetoe 5×5 (Squat @215?, Shoulder Press @ 125) supposed to be DL also but I did the 85% for max reps instead @345.

    WOD: was 30″ box, 55 # KB, and standard situps.

    Legs did not want to cooperate during the 2nd and 3rd runs or for stringing together the box jumps. That’s what I get for doing 5 x 5 prior to the DL. Hopefully sacrificing a little on the WOD will pay off down the road.

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