HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED – CrossFit Silverback



Teams of 4

AMRAP 20 min

Athlete #1 15 x Sledge Hammer Swing, Run x 200m with hammer, 15x Sledge Hammer Swings

Athletes 2,3 and 4  Sled Push x 50m work divided by team concensus

When athlete one round of hammer run hammer, they trade out with another team member.

Each Round completed by Athlete 1 counts as 1 round, each 50m of sled push counts as 1 round.

Twenty minutes of sled push requires team work.

Chris's team was a little more every ape for himself.

Don't forget about the hammer, a little salt in the wound.

Thanks to all the Silverback Nation today for being such great sports.


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  1. Wish we could have made it.

    Susan and Camille’s day went like this:

    WU: Row 500 + Ultimate Stretch
    Buy in: Box Jump/Push up Gauntlet (5/3)
    SWOD/Skill: Shoulder Press 3 x 5 (Susan @ 35, Camille @ 25)


    Scaled Jackie:

    Camille: 750m row
    37 Wall Ball Shots @ 5#
    23 Pull Ups (purple band)
    Time: 7:30

    Susan: 500m row
    25 Wall Ball Shots @ 8#
    15 Pull Ups (Red Band)
    Time: 7:16

    Not quite the same as spending a day at the park or on the golf course with your wife and kids but I’ll take it.

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