01.19.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: Push Ups & Lunges

BUY IN:  Running Relay


Heavy Sled Push x 3


For time
75x Thrusters (95#)
Do 7x push-ups at top of each minute

Cash Out:

REPEAT RUNNING RELAY try to match time

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  1. Jim

    The WOD looks easy on the board; IT IS NOT. Go light and expect your puck-ups to deteriorate after round 3 or 4. Steve U. nailed the WOD; he was sub 7 minutes. I finished at 7:32 (/) with 75 lbs. Enjoyed the 1 mile team relay.
    Good day at the Box. Casey, we miss you.

  2. Jim

    The WOD looks easy on the board; IT IS NOT. Go light and expect your puck-ups to deteriorate after round 3 or 4. Steve U nailed the WOD with a sub-7 minute run. I did it in 7:32 (/) with 75 lbs. Enjoyed the 1 mile team relay.
    Good day at the Box. Casey, we miss you.

  3. Ok, so my comment would be…”Holy Mother Hoochie!!!” (Yes three exclamation marks). Doing this one solo with just me, the Strack Restaurant folks staring in mild fascination/bewilderment/disgust/annoyance (take your pick), and my redneck play list (you can take the boy out of the woods but not the woods out of the boy).

    Warm up: Nice steady movement, good range of motion, etc…

    Buy in: 3 x 250m row with 2x the rest (~50 sec work and 1:40 rest)…starting to not like my morning so much…

    SWOD: 180 (Body wt. 170) 1:3 work/rest ratio … lap 1 = oh man, lap 2= “Hail Mary full of grace…”, lap 3= “somebody please put a nerve block in my legs”…

    WOD: 50% 1RM Thruster = 90# (should I have used RX wt? No way in HEdoublehockeysticks). Strategy was 10 – 12 reps each minute. Reality went like this: 12, 8, 7, 5, 6, skipped a minute here because my lungs came out of my mouth and I needed to stuff them back in so I could continue to transport oxygen from the atmosphere into my blood stream, 7, 6, 8, 8, 8….WOWWWW!!!!

    Cash out: “This is nuts, this is nuts, nobody will know if you don’t do the cash out….CRAP, DOUBLE CRAP”…3 X 250 row with 2 x the rest (~53-55 sec work and 1:50 rest)

    Highlight of my morning?… my 12 year old baby girl made me a protein shake for my post WOD meal that was out of this world. Thanks Camille you are the bomb (fist bump).

  4. I got CRUSHED on this WOD for starters. Personally I like the sled, but have to admit it did play a factor in the WOD (although I’m not sure how much…keep reading). So, when Vaughn and Fish were the only one’s to throw on the seemingly do-able Rx weight, I paused, and after a brief “what would the GIC tell you” internal discussion (along with Dick – gee thanks Dick), I decided to slap on the iron. Still not convinced this was a bad decision. I can tell you it was a very bad decision to bang out 24 reps the first minute. It felt like getting kicked off the ciff about the four minute mark as my push up count was now about to take overtaking my thruster count (Do Not Let This Happen!). Somewhere around the 8-9 min mark, I drop to 65# in an effort to quench the burnig in my shoulders, lungs and more importantly recover my pride and just finish. It wasn’t pretty 11:40. Absolutly want a rematch of this one – just not tomorrow 🙂

    Tips for the day – have a plan in place to attack this WOD and it should not include trying to turn this into a 4-6 minute sprint. Sets of 8 -12 would be a good split, and if you feel frisky at the end…well turn on the juice. Very good WOD, just be smarter than some of the 5AM-ers.

    Steve/Jim and the Ladies – you all did a hell of a job today!

    Lets hear about it from the PM classes.

    1. I feel a light “tone” to your “voice” when you type my name. I must say that 50% 1RM was plenty for this WOD. Good luck to all you venturing to Silverback playland this afternoon.

  5. Barbee

    Super fun. I like the ones that make me contemplate stopping and walking away for good.. And the ones that make me feel like throwing up but I’m too scared to throw up because my legs are dead and I may fall in my puke and not be able to jump back out of it (heavy sleds)..my strategy for the next time.. Lose some weight.. Body weight is no joke.. Fat kids never get breaks

    1. I love this post!! I’ve always thought that if I’m just a little bit afraid about what is getting ready to happen to me during a wod then I’m on the right track. Stepping up builds character. Good job not giving in to your fear.

      That which doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger!

  6. Tara

    Oh my! We at 6 took the 5 am advice and it still kicked my butt especially after the sleighs. There is no time for breathers otherwise it is time for pushups again and only get 3 thrusters in (yes that was me). Wells family , where were u? I came on a rare Thursday and u guys were not there. Thank goodness Melissa and a new face, Heath, was there.

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