……THURSDAY WAS HARDER – CrossFit Silverback



Susan makes it official; the Silverback Nation is a Douglas family thing.

Anybody can do this, everybody should do this. You just gotta want it.

We push our limits.

Sometimes we find them.

Your effort and achievements are shared by all.


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  1. Well:

    I stepped up and did the Thruster/Push-up WOD. First off the prowler push was more of a B**** than normal.

    I did the WOD with 75#’s, and finished in 9:57. Not the best time, but it was sub-10 (Barely). I would definitely like to try this one again earlier in a shoulder workout week. This week killed my shoulders.

  2. Wendy Robertson

    All I can say…….It was WICKED!!!!!! I can barely straighten my arms and take a deep breath without the pain kicking in. This week told me that I hate and love the burn! ROCK ON!!!!!

    FYI: I’m now down another size. I don’t know how much weight yet, I plan on weighing myself when I reduce another size. WOO HOO!!!

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