01.25.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: Push Ups & Lunges

BUY IN:  PVC Snatch Practice


Snatch Practice


10 min AMRAP
12x Burpees
12x Pull-ups

Cash Out:

Tabata Sit Ups 2 min

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  1. Clean Competition in College Station on Feb 18th at 10 am. If this link doesn’t work let me know.


    This is going to be held at Crossfit ATM (Black Box Strength and Conditioning). Cost is $20.

    Your rank is calculated utilizing your max lift and your body weight (Sinclair Formula). Cash prizes.

    I’ve never been to anything like this but heck a bad afternoon in College Station, lifting heavy and probably eating some sort of beef sounds good to me.

    George, are you hearing this? Matt? Vaughnn? Val?

    1. Jim

      It would be fun to go and watch and eat some sort of beer and drick some sort of barley / hop mixture.

      Who is in to go to College Station and enjoy the Dry Bean.

      1. Ahhh the Dry Bean…You had me at “eat some sort of beer and drick some sort of barley/hop”

        Love it!…you can’t make this kind of thing up. LMBO!

        Now, if we can just get Jim and Steve in to those lifting competition onesies my life will be complete.

      2. Jim


        I think I speak for bith Steve and I, lets talk about the lifting competition. I sure they will have an AARP division. (from me not Steve)

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