03.28.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: Run and Hip Mobility

BUY IN:  KB Deadlift Gauntlet


Sled Push 3 x .75 Body Weight


Max rounds in 9 minutes
3x Deadlifts (315#)
6x Push-ups
9x Squats

Cash Out:

TGU Sit Ups x 2 min

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  1. aggie93

    Here’s to looking forward to knowing my legs are gonna feel…well… a little dead in the morning. The first few steps in the morning might be just a little slower than normal. Say, wait a minute…why do my hips feel like Jean Claude Van”Damn” has been making me do his stretches from those cheezy movies of his?… Oh, right we did hip mobility today. Silly me.

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