05.02.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



COACHES NOTES: (Matt)  The distances don’t look that big, and the weight isn’t that heavy compared with last weeks strength endurance, but don’t let your eyes fool you.  There is nothing that makes a weight heavier or more intimidating than standing over it fresh off of the rower, remember 45lb thrusters after 1,000m row for “Jackie”.  Remember, “respect the Rx”. 

WARM UP: Run and Skip w/ Shoulder Mobility

BUY IN:  Bear Buddy Ladder 1- 6


Power Clean – Establish a 3 RM


5 rounds
Row 500-400-300-200-100m
Clean & jerk (135#/ 95#) 15-12-9-6-3x

Cash Out: 

Max Burpees x 1 min

5 Responses

  1. DJ Cleary

    This wod is a lot hard than it looks I got off the rower on the first round trying to take the weight overhead o my. Great wod it will push you.

  2. Joe

    DJ made sounds I have never heard him make today.

    Young Buck (Chris F) while he didn’t go Rx put the hurtin on this WOD. Gotta give the youngster his due! Nice Job Chirs @ 115#. You made it look easy.

    Really liked the WOD. After watching Vaughn get TKO’ed, DJ grunt his way through, and Eric’s eyes pop out of his head in the first wave, I chickened out on the weight. 115# ~15min. Got hung waitin on a rower a few times.

    Tip of the day – pace yourself on the rower. The 10 -15 sec you could save by pulling that hard will bring you to your knees when you get off of it. Oh and USE GOOD FORM on the lifts!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. aggie93

    Felt like I was still carrying kryptonite around in my hip pocket today. Great job by all. Jeremy the GIC and many others put a whoopin on me today. Sitting through Chris’ confirmation rehearsal after this was just loads of fun. That is all. Good night

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