05.03.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



Coach’s Notes:  Time to fire up those “squatty” muscles, then try to get the blood out of them as you run again. The early part of the WOD will be invested in the running, while at 4 rounds and more the thrusters become the 800# gorilla in the room, be deliberate on all the runs, don’t treat them as rest but sprinting them out will leave you standing around sucking wind while you should be lifting.  Don’t go to failure on the lifts, instead manageable chunks when the numbers get bigger.  Consistent focus will be the difference between good and great tomorrow.

WARM UP: Zoo Relay (teams of 3) 2x Bear, Monkey, Crab, Frog

BUY IN:  See above


Power Clean Establish 3RM or ( Navy Seal Pull Up Complex)


Max rounds in 20 minutes
Thruster (135#, ), add 3 reps per round
Run 200m

Cash Out: 

Max Burpees x 1 min (Just cause we couldn’t squeeze it in yesterday)

A GOOD workout is when nothing comes easy!!

“Bet I can out rest you.”
“Your on!”

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  1. aggie93

    Posted a YouTube video on my Facebook for working on mobility pertaining to thrusters and general thoracic mobility which for many of us is the limiting factor in the overhead position. will attempt to post it here later.

    Eric, check out episode 99 on the mobilitywod.com site if you can. It is titled solving front rack problems. I’ll search for the one which he demonstrates the “voodoo floss”.

  2. rwells01

    Thanks for the coaching this morning on the power cleans it was neat to see my movement from your prospective.

    On the WOD, I was 6+14 @ 85#’s Don’t underestimate this one folks, it has major “Suck factor” in it.

  3. Joe A

    Brutal! The run was just a mild insult. Round 6 when you are looking at 18 thrusters and bite off a chunk of 5…..then realizing you still have 13 to go is terrible.


    Dj – 7 + 7!!!!! Well done son.

  4. DJ Cleary

    Brutal is the best word for that wod. I am paying for the 7+7 now. Great work everyone. Joe 6+21 is awesome.

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