05.08.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



Coach’s notes:  There are not many things that say “STRONG” like picking up something heavy up off of the ground and putting it over your head.  Simply put you should be doing some version of this movement for the rest of your life.  As to the “hands on the bar burppees”, this should slow down some of y’all that have perfected the flop and plop, time to put the plank back in your burpee; at least for today.

WARM UP: And More

BUY IN:  Buddy Bear 3×5

STRENGTH: Push Press 3×3 @ 95%



7 Rounds
7x Ground to Overhead (135, 95)
7 xhands on bar burpees 
rest 1 min between rounds

Cash Out: 

100 x Double Unders for time

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  1. aggie93

    ReAlly enjoyed the 5 and 6 am crews this morning. Got my Jim Jim and Steve show fix, saw that Robin and Meghan are starting to get comfortable with this type of training, met new athletes Kathryn and Emily (They have to be awesome bc they are Aggies), but was sad that I didn’t get my Roger and Casey show fix. Good times to be sure.

    Did the WOD solo in my redneck garage gym.

    16:09 Rx
    DU’s in 2:11 (for those of you not familiar with my double under saga that’s a milestone to get sub 2:30 so yes I’m pumped). Don’t laugh at the old grey headed people Garrett! I’m getting better.

  2. buckeye76

    This WOD was truly a “looks EZ on the board, suxs on the floor” type of WOD. During the first three rounds of hands to bar burpees my thought was “this is easy, feeling good”. I did not maintain that sentiment during the last four rounds. It was murderous; went with 115 lbs. Kudos to those that went RX or heavier.

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