05.09.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



Coach’s notes:  Burpee Box Jumps may seem like the GIC just rubbing salt in the wound, but there is a real training value here.  Just like the flop and plop vs the plank sometimes we get a little razor thin on the jump to finish off (remember the shock of 5.1 and the 6 inches above reach).  Try to complete the burpee box jump with as much explosiveness and as little footwork as possible.

WARM UP: Down and Back

BUY IN:  See Above

STRENGTH: Sled Push x 3 @ BW


5 rounds

7x Back squat (225#, 145#)
10x Burpee box jumps (24,20)

Cash Out: 

TGU Sit Up x 2 min

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  1. rwells01

    Wow!!!! Great WOD this morning!!! 155#’s 9:?? It was either 45, or 38. Either way, it was sub 10:00. DJ killed another one with an 8:11 Rx.

  2. cathylaw58

    I think GIC is having a love affair with all things Burpee this week…Did I say “I can’t wait?” No, I don’t believe I did….

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