05.10.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



Coaches Notes:  OK so we took the toughest parts of the weeks workouts and found out that someone had put them all together and called it MANDY.  It might seem a little bit like we are piling it on, WE ARE.  Effort in the Silverback Nation has been off the scale this week and next week is bodyweight week so lets squeeze in all the heavy we can.


BUY IN:  Tabata Couplet (Mountain Climbers + Flutter Kicks)

STRENGTH: Power Cleans 4×5 @ 80% 3RM


Max rounds in 20 minutes
5x Hang clean & jerk (135#/95#)
10x Pull-ups
15x Deadlifts (same weight)

Cash Out: 

It’s your lucky day!

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  1. buckeye76

    Mandy was a B*@ch if you ignore the GIC mad math. If you don’t have the hang clean & jerk technique down solid, 135 lbs. is nasty. I don’t have the technique down and went 135 and it owned me. Got 4 rounds plus 15 reps and Mandy was laughing at me. Think the 135 lbs. thru.

  2. aggie93

          3×245, 3:265, 3:265, 3:271, 3:275
          3:135, 2:146, 3:135, 3:141, 3:141
          3:141, 3:141, 3:146, 3:155

    DUs 2 x 100 in 1:49!!!!!!!!! And……wait for it….wait for it…..1:43

  3. Ged

    I’m a garage crossfitter in Dallas. Normally follow the main site, but liked Silverback’s WODs better the last 2 days. Wednesday: 10:36. Thursday 6 rounds + 3 reps Rx’d. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for posting, that score at Rx puts you just on the lead edge of the bell curve in the box, we had three or four 7’s and a lot of 6’s that came down to extra reps, great score doing on your own. Give us another shout next time you jump on our “pain train”.

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