05.22.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP:  And More

BUY IN:  Rowing Relay

STRENGTH: Push Press @ 105% of 1 RM (Just a target, if you got it go for more.)


3 rounds

10x Pull-ups
10x Ground-to-overhead (135#)
10x Burpees

Cash Out: 

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  1. aggie93

    Mandy after Rippetoe yesterday (5 rds + 4 C&J Rx) and Helen (row 500 instead of 400 run and dumbbell swings due to absence of KBs ) today (15:17 Rx) with a light run this am. Sore and missing the Silverback nation. 3000 plus square feet of gym and I barely have a spot to do CF here. I shouldn’t complain I guess because they haven’t thrown me out for doing “witchcraft workouts” yet. I forget how nice it is to have bumpers and a place to just drop the freaking bar when you are totally smoked.

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