05.30.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: Down and Back

BUY IN:  Same

STRENGTH: Shoulder Press establish 1RM


3 rounds
15x Hang power cleans (135#)
15x Burpees

Cash Out: 

100 x Double Unders for time


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  1. Joe

    6:39Rx. The brain was not fully engaged this AM. I did the first round in ~1min, I’ll let you do the math on what happened for the next 5+ minutes……

    Tip of the day – it is a sprint, but even sprints require some level of PACE!

  2. Girl rilla’s rocked today. Kinda blew our my engine out on the 1 RM push press and the first round of WOD was like UGGGH! Good News, I got posted on the Wall of BadA**dnes ! Push Press old PR 105, today 115!! WOD 13:06 with 65#

      1. Jessica Ayala

        I knew it! oh yea Matt around 9pm I realized I left my sandals and weight belt there. Sorry. realizing this after almost two hours of searching and cussing the sandle gods sucked. Lol

  3. 6:29 Rx, Yes this reads more sprinty than it feels, I had to break up the last set of cleans. Like Joe round 1 pointed toward great things and then it starts to feel like chewing gravel. Marc was our first sub 5 today and hats off to Aubrie, her first week and her third workout in a row. (Yes her first day in CrossFit was Murph!!)

    1. Joe

      No one should have to endure Murph for your first WOD….althought it will make for a good story. “…oh yea, my first WOD was Murph”.

  4. I see a couple of comments here about Push-Press but the website calls out Shoulder-Press; are we doing substitutions here or did we change the posted STRENGTH??

  5. Cass

    I did today’s WOD at the YMCA downtown at lunch…I missed you guys but I set a new strict press 1RM of 90# (up from 55# back in january) and did the WOD in just under 15 minutes due to some minor interruptions from non-crossfitters (*shakes fist angrily*) while using 65# for the cleans. Great work out, but I’ll be glad to return to group WODs tomorrow!

  6. Uhm,…don’t do a 5×5 set of squats before this workout. That is all…ok, 6:57 (or 58) at 120#’s. I gave myself a 10% discount because I had just finished the squats. In the end it didn’t matter, I was trashed. Lesson learned! I couldn’t string the cleans together to save my life. Felt like I was moving through wet concrete the whole WOD. DU’s in some crazy long time domain. I put 35 or so together to start out and then it got really ugly. I want to say it was 1:47 but I honestly can’t remember.

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