06.06.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



Coaches Notes:  Well I got an earful about everybody’s legs with Monday’s WOD, little did you know that was just the set up to crush the shoulders today.  Notice the Rx for Push Press has gone up,  that is partly due to y’alls great efforts over the past few months and keeping the training challenging.  However, like the front squats on Monday remember Rx is just a number, look at your one rep or three rep max, run the math and talk to the coach before you step on a land mine that derails your training for the week.

WARM UP:  Ultimate Stretch

BUY IN:  Box Jump and Push Up Gauntlet


Sled Push


5 rounds

7x Push press (155#)
14x Push-ups 
21x Double unders

Cash Out: 

2 min max sit ups

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  1. Barbee

    This one didn’t sound hard enough so I went RX+++ by eating taco bell the night before.. I almost died but Danger is my middle name. I think next time I come home late from a shift with no food, I should just boil an egg or something..

  2. Joe

    My body is revolting against the new and improved Rx weights. Holy smokes going heavy and going for reps = tore up. Anyone else hurtin from the last two days?

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