06.11.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: Down and Back

BUY IN:  Same

STRENGTH: Mobility


Fight Gone Body
3 rounds for total reps
1 minute each
Sit-ups Row

Cash Out: 

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  1. Joe

    argh….Body Weight Weak. That’s right, “weak”. OK GIC, I will once again embrace this dreadful (to me) week.

    Today’s WOD 341
    Rd 1 = 112, Rd 2 = 113, Rd 3 = 116

    Jonathan put up a pretty big number ~370????. Nice job lightweight!

  2. aggie93

    I’ve gained 10-15 lbs over the last 2 weeks of prednisone and worked out somewhere below 5 times total, so this week should be interesting.

    1. aggie93

      Lunch time endurance WOD. 1 mile easy, 8×200 at 1% incline at 40-45 sec, 1 mile easy.

      WOD: 365 (or 56, can’t remember which). Lost count on 2nd round but still wouldn’t have made 400.

  3. Tried to make the 400 club and came up short. Congratulations to those who did make it: David S. at 6 am Frank and DJ in the afternoon and don’t forget Kelley the BW specialist. Very well done.

  4. Barbee

    373.. I didn’t know there was a club.. If I could do more than 2 push ups at a time.. I may have came close.. Maybe..

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