06.19.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



WARM UP: And More  

BUY IN:  Bear Complex x 3min

STRENGTH: Hand Stand Push Ups and Wall Walks


Max rounds in 12 minutes
Row 250m
15x Overhead squat (115,75)

Cash Out: 

4 sets of near max pull ups

We had new Girl-rilla’s learning the ropes today.

We had a little mother – daughter Girl-rilla time today.

and we had Girl-rillas upping their game today.

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  1. Yikes need to watch more sesame street. Lost count of one whole round. Carrie tried to correct me but brain lacked o2 😉 I forgot first round when I faced to the out side of the gym. Will be able to walk the walls like spidery soon hopefully.

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