06.26.2012 – CrossFit Silverback



I know, “two kinds of burpees two days in a row?”  But if you look closely at this WOD, you can see where this can get sticky really quick, a triplet where the third movement  (burpees) don’t let your legs fully recuperate before the squat and keep the air out of your lungs fresh from the pull ups, oooo, sounds bad doesn’t it.  Never mind it really is rainbows and lemon drops.

WARM UP: And More  

BUY IN:  Bear Complex x 3min

STRENGTH: Hand Stand Push Ups and Wall Walks


The Sucky Seven
7 rounds
7x Back squat (bw)
7x Pull-ups
7x Burpees

Cash Out: 

Colleen starting off her day right with a healthy dose of iron.

Ever feel like someone turned up the gravity?

Think real hard and I bet you can remember a day like this.

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