SATURDAY NEED TO KNOW – CrossFit Silverback



7:00am Alright Silverbacks,  time to jump into the workouts with both feet.  But we aren’t going to let you go in unarmed.  FUNDEMENTALS I one will get you schooled up on the basics of what we do here as well as establish your baseline numbers so we get the most out of the workouts.

9:00am The Silverbacks gather for the Saturday WOD it’s always a little different and alot of fun (in a challenging sort of way).


Sometimes the workout can be a little stressful for “team-mates.” Mandy and Paislea negotiate out exactly how many reps are left to do.


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  1. Cinnamon

    Hey Matt! Thanks for this morning! It was extremely helpful and I learned a lot. (And not just about the lifts.) Now I have a better understanding of what is expected of me and will be able to implement those skills to become a better athlete. Thanks again and see you next week!

    Btw when is Fundamentals 2??? I’m ready 🙂

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