IT’S THE WEEKEND – CrossFit Silverback



FRIDAY:  THE SILVERBACK BUFFET Today is the day to swing around and re-attack the WOD you missed or the messed you up either way ponder this..

Can I get an Amen brothers and sisters?

SATURDAY AT 7:00 AM FUN de MENTALS I:  Tired of trying to decipher “WODspeak” on the board or wondering what all those percentages really mean to your workout.  This is where you need to be.  FUN de MENTALS I is the first level to unlocking what we really do here in the Silverback Nation, quit missing out.

SATURDAY AT 9:00 AM THE WOD:  The Silverbacks gather again with the irresistible call of another Saturday workout.  Will it be a team push to the finish or a personal test of personal best, none of that matters unless you show up.


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