IT’S GOING TO BE A BIG WEEKEND – CrossFit Silverback



THE FRIDAY BUFFET IS GOING TO ROCK:  Come on in and make up that workout you missed earlier this week or take on “the bonus”.

I get it, It get it….Iv’e put on weight. By the way when you asked if your jeans made you look fat…..I lied.

SATURDAY 7am  NUTRITION CLASS:  This is definitely worth getting out of bed for. We will cover the simple changes that you can make that will yield huge results when combined with our workouts.  This is foundational stuff guys, learn how to avoid frustration and shorting your own efforts and feel better than you have in years.

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    1. The lion’s share of the credit goes to Val and her dutiful hubby Graig. But I gotta warn you, the rest of the crew got in on the action this morning, and will continue through the weekend. Good things are a happening.

      1. Aggie93

        For the record I haven’t lifted a finger. I’m a lazy employee. My better half has officially cracked the whip and ended my house restoration pause.

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