THE SILVERBACK BUFFET (with spoiler) – CrossFit Silverback



On some level, it's how I always picture our family portrait.

On some level, it’s how I always pictured our family portrait.

FIRST THE FRIDAY BUFFET:  Don’t miss the chance to recover during the week.  But to get a day off during the week guilt free make the commitment to come in on Friday and make up for lost time.   I think for the firs time ever I am going to let you see the “BONUS” workout a little early.  Must be getting soft in my later years.

The Gorilla
5 rounds
15 ft Rope climb, 1 ascent
10x Pull-ups
20x Knees to Elbows
30x Push-ups

SATURDAY CHALLENGE WORKOUT 9:00 AM:  Nobody knows what kind of shenanigans we are gonna pull out, just trust it will be fun and it will put you to the test.

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