05.14.2014 – CrossFit Silverback





Junk Yard Dog

Partner Assisted
Athlete 1 sits with legs out stretched to the front and arms held out at 9 and 3. Athlete 1 Jumps over the right arm, turns jumps the legs, turns and jumps left arm. Then comes back over the left, the legs and the right that’s 2 reps. Do 10 total and switch positions.
Athlete 2 planks out as Athlete 2 jumps over. At;hlete 2 then pikes hips up high and Athlete 1 returns under Athlete 2. Can also be performed with PVC and Jump Boxes


Handstand Push-ups (3 x Near Max)


4 Rounds
20 x Wall Ball
20 x Box Jumps
500m Row

Cash Out

Double Under Test

100 DU for time

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